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Popadom £0.40

Pickle Tray £1.50

Traditional & Grilled Starters

All starters served with salad & mint sauce.

Chicken Nimbali £3.50

Chicken & tomato marinated in mustard and kashmiri massala garnished with honey and cheese.

Kebab Mirch £3.95

Pepper stuffed with marinated chicken, keema, jalapeños and sweetcorn then grilled.

Sizzler Mix for 2 £6.95

Chicken tikka, onion bhaji, seekh kebab and lamb chops.

Lamb Chops £3.50

On the bone spring lamb marinated in Zolsha’s pioneering dressing then grilled.

Chicken Liver Tikka £3.25

Pieces of chicken liver marinated in yogurt and spices cooked over a charcoal grill.

Lamb/Chicken Tikka £2.95

Marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in a clay oven

Tandoori Chicken £2.95

Chicken on the bone marinated in herbs and spices.

Seekh Kebab £2.95

Skewered minced lamb with spices and onion, cooked over a charcoal grill.

Royal Mix £3.50

Mixture of chicken tikka, onion bhaji and seekh kebab.

Chicken Momo £3.25

Shredded spiced chicken, potato & coriander in a pancake roll.

Chicken Chaat £2.95

In a medium chaat massala sauce served with a pancake.

Chicken Pakora £2.95

Chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt deep fried in batter.

Desi Meat Samosa £2.95

Crispy homemade pastry filled with spiced minced meat.

Wood’s Special £4.95

A customer creation! Selection of onion bahji, chicken tikka, shami kebab wrapped in an omelette

Seafood Starters

Aromatic Chingri £4.95

King Prawns marinated with plum chutney, garlic & cinnamon, then gently cooked with onions and peppers.

Pangash Kebab £4.50

Tender Bangladeshi fish, skewered and grilled with onion, tomato and pepper.

Machli Pakora £3.50

Pieces of spiced coley fish deep fried in batter.

King Prawn Chaat £4.95

Gently cooked in a dry medium sauce, with a pancake.

Garlic King Prawn £4.50

Prawns marinated with herbs and mustards oils.

Masaladar Fish £4.50

Pieces of fish marinated with Zolsha's pioneering marinade.

Red Snapper £4.95

Marinated in red wine with herbs, spices and BBQ flavouring.

BBQ King Prawn £4.95

Marinated with herbs & spices, cooked over a charcoal grill.

Salmon Shashlick £4.95

Grilled with spiced red onion, tomato and green pepper.

Vegetarian Starters

Vegetarian Selection for 2 (with Salsa) £4.95

Aloo kebab, bengan fitta and spinach pakora.

Paneer Shashlick £3.50

Marinated cheese, skewered with pepper, tomato and onions, dressed with or special homemade sauce.

Vegi Cutlets £3.50

Spiced mixed vegetables, cheese and spinach moulded together. Dipped in egg and breadcrumbs then shallow fried in mustard oil.

Onion Bhaji £2.70

Thinly sliced onions, covered in a spicy flour and deep fried.

Vegetable Pakora £2.50

Mixed vegetables deep fried in spicy flour.

Desi Vegetable Samosa £2.50

Spiced vegetables encased in dough and fried.

Garlic Mushrooms £2.50

Cooked in a mustard oil with cheese, garlic, cream & herbs.

Mushroom Pakora £2.50

Mushrooms deep fried in a lightly spiced flour.

Kashmiri Chaat Puree £2.95

Potatoes & chickpeas in a medium dry sauce with a pancake.

Paneer Tikka £2.95

Lightly marinated cheese cubes, cooked over a charcoal grill.

Aloo Shami 2.50

Lightly spiced potato moulded with mustard seed, onions, coriander & coconut then battered