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House Specialities

Zolsha's Balti Massala £6.95

A unique and complex dish. Marinated in herbs and spices in a rich massala sauce. Choose from:

Chicken, Lamb or Keema.

Minted Bhuna £6.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with methi leaves, tomato, fresh herbs & spices.

Bangan £6.95

Chicken or lamb cooked with lightly spiced, fresh aubergine in a garlic and ginger sauce to create a medium dish, that is full of flavour.

Nagha Tarkaari (popular hot dish) £6.95

A combination of marinated chicken, minced meat cooked with the finest Indian spices and chef’s special hot chilli paste.

Garlic Chilli Chicken £6.95

A famous dish from Delhi, a rich and full of flavour spicy dish.

Chicken Silsila (hot) £6.95

Chef’s special recipe with mixed herbs, chillies, potatoes & mushrooms.

Moghal Chicken £6.95

Favourite of Moghal Emperors. Off the bone tandoori chicken cooked in a tasty sauce with minced lamb & a medium massala.

House Special Curry £6.95

Traditional dish of Bangladesh. Highly spiced chicken or lamb cooked with mixed peppers, onion, coriander & olive oil.

Staff Curry £7.50

Home-style curry cooked with on the bone meat. Daily special.

Chicken Chana Massala £7.50

Succulent chicken pieces combined with chickpeas cooked with green chillies, green pepper & Chef’s specially prepared sauce.

Chicken\Lamb Hyderabadi £7.50

A rich dish cooked with tangy spices, yogurt, bay leaf, cloves & cardamom. It is full of mouth watering flavours.

Zolsha Kebab Cocktail £8.95

Marinated pieces of chicken, lamb, king prawn and meatballs grilled with capsicums & onions then slow cooked in a medium sauce.

Fish Anari £7.95

Bangladesh speciality. Succulent pieces of coley with pomegranate seeds, garlic ginger and spices finished with lemon and parsley.

Machli Sallom £7.95

Diced white fish in a medium sauce with garlic, spring onion, green peppers, tomatoes and our own selection of spices.

Grilled Main Dishes

Peri-Peri Chicken (hot/medium) £7.95

On the bone chicken marinated with herbs, red wine & spices. Served with rice, salad and drizzled with peri-peri sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Shashlick £6.95

Fish or King Prawn Shashlick £9.95

Mildly spiced skewers with tomatoes, capsicums and onions. grilled BBQ style and served on a sizzler with salad and raita.

Tandoori Mix Grill £8.50

Marinated in spices and cooked in a clay over to preserve the natural juice of the meats. Served on a sizzler with salad and raita.

Nawabi Kebab Cocktail £9.95

Skewered king prawns, chicken & lamb tikka grilled with peppers, onion, tomatoes with a tangy sauce to create a dish of dryer texture.

Chef’s Mild Selection

Chicken Tikka Massala £6.95

Marinated chicken in a rich sauce with coconuts & almonds.

Chicken Makhani £6.95

Chicken tikka in a mild sauce with pistachios, cream and spices.

Zolsha Exotica £6.95

Chicken cooked in a delightful sauce of coconut, mango and pineapple.

Lamb Pasanda £6.95

Marinated lamb with almond & herbs in a creamy, red wine sauce.

Chicken Masti (very mild) £7.50

Chicken cooked in a smooth creamy sauce with bay leaves, cinnamon sprinkled with cheese to finish.

Tandoori King Prawn Massala £9.95

King prawns barbequed in the tandoori with a rich, creamy, coconut and almond sauce. Very popular!


Balti (medium/hot)

Highly spiced balti sauce cooked with fresh ingredients & mixed spices.

Karahi (medium/hot)

A unique blend of Zolsha's spices with chunks of onion & tomatoes.

Jalfrezi (medium/hot)

Gently cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, peppers and fresh herbs.

Biryani (rice dish with curry sauce)

Stir fried basmati rice flavoured with yakni, onions and fresh spices.

Saag (medium/hot)

Spinach combined with garlic, herbs & spices creating a delicious dry dish.

Desi Massala (spicy)

An Asian style saucy dish cooked with fresh ingredients & garam massala

Choose from the following:

Prawn or Keema £6.95

Veg or Paneer £5.95

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.50

Chicken or Lamb £6.95

Fish or King Prawn £9.95

Old Favourites

Korma - A very mild creamy dish with coconut and almonds.

Bhuna - A delicious, medium dish with onion, tomatoes & spices.

Dansak - Hot & sour yet sweet – a combination of lentils & pineapple.

Dupiaza - Onions seasoned with spices to produce a medium dish

Pathia - A hot & sour saucy dish with onions, chilli & black pepper.

Rogan Josh -A preparation of pimento, garlic, onions & tomato.

Madras - A south Indian dish, fiery & hot flavoured with lemon.

Vindaloo - A very hot dish with lots of green chillies & spices.

Choose from the following:

Veg or Keema £4.95

Prawn or Tikka £5.95

Chicken or Lamb £5.50

Fish or King Prawn ...£8.95

Chef’s New Creations

Lamb Chop Karahi £7.95

Carefully chosen spices with grilled lamb chops, combined using a traditional method to create a highly spiced saucy dish.

Agni Karahi £7.50

Chicken or lamb. Chef's special recipe with flaming brandy.

Gosht Patta (mild to medium) £7.50

Lamb in a medium sauce topped with roast onion & cream.

Tava Lahori (medium to hot) £7.50

Home style dish with green chilli, tomatoes and garam massala. Combination of chicken, keema and new potato.

Fish Lazzadar £7.50

Cooked with Zolsha’s homemade chilli paste, lemon juice, parsley and imported Bangladeshi lime. Bursting with refreshing flavours.

Achari Lamb or Chicken (hot & Sour)………..... £7.50

A delicious dish cooked with a special mix of spices and exotic homemade pickled


Rezzala £7.50

Fish, chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt & chilli cooked in a south Indian sauce. Topped with fried red chilli and onions.

Bindi Gosht £7.50

Steam cooked okra combined with highly spiced meat, garlic, tomato and star aniseed to create an Asian style dish. Topped with roasted ginger.

Royal Vensi £7.50

Chicken tikka in a cream, honey & mustard sauce left to simmer in red wine & topped with caramelised onion.

Salmon Piazi £7.95

Gently marinated & barbequed. Served with stir fried onions, mixed pepper & green chillies then drizzled with olive oil.

Pangash Nawabi £8.95

Popular South Asian fish in a specially prepared sauce served in a bed of lettuce with grilled tomatoes & onions.

King Prawn Kuzuri £8.95

A traditional dish. An adventurous creamy dish with an extra hint of spices and mallasis.

Jinga Annarash £9.95

King prawns and pineapple in a creamy massala sauce cooked with white wine, onions and coriander.

Taste of Goa £12.95

Red snapper cooked with Goa spice and lemon juice to create a medium strength sauce. Chef’s special recipe!

Nani Ka Massala £7.95

Breast chicken cooked with garlic, plum tomato, red chilli & massala sauce. Elegantly crafted by our head chef.

South Indian Chicken £7.95

Cooked in a specially prepared garlic sauce with fresh tomato & green chilli to give an authentic taste & texture.

English Dishes

(Prices: Small, Large)

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £2.95, £4.95

Omelette (Various) & Chips £2.95, £4.95

Fish Fingers & Chips £2.95, £4.95

Scampi & Chips £3.50, £5.50

Fried Chicken £3.50 £5.50

Chicken Pasta (with Creamy Sauce) £5.95

Prawn Pasta (with a tomato sauce) £5.95

Sirloin Steak £8.95

Served with mushrooms, peas and onion rings. vegetable side dishes